What must be done now: five points to ensure that genuine control is exercised over the funding of political parties and election campaign expenses

23.05.2019 - The President of the Austrian Court of Audit demands that the obvious control gaps regarding political party funding and election campaign expenses be closed. read more

Publication of four follow-up audits

07.06.2019 - Land use at the New Danube, the Danube Island and the Danube Canal; Media Quarter Marx; execution of custody pending deportation with a special focus on the detention centre Vordernberg; financial management instruments for health insurance institutions read more

Follow-up audits on university councils, procurement processes of construction works and financial flows

24.05.2019 - The recommendations of the ACA prove to be effective. read more

Follow-up audits: more than 80 per cent of the recommendations were implemented

26.04.2019 - Today the Austrian Court of Audit (ACA) published four follow-up reports. Overall, more than 80% of the recommendations were implemented fully or partly. read more

Only 40% of waterways are in a good ecological state – rehabilitation experiences delays  

03.05.2019 - The Austrian Court of Audit submits report on the greening of waterways ">read more

Universities: criticism regarding outside employments of professors – and: Bundesschullandheim Radstadt (federal hostel for school excursions in Radstadt, Salzburg)

10.05.2019 - The Austrian Court of Audit publishes two reports read more

The Linz files scandal: neither the mayor nor top officials responded to warnings

29.03.2019 - The city administration failed to follow up on administrative offences and to impose fines as stipulated by law. read more
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