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Report on the Federal Financial Statements 2022: sharp increase in financial debts

29 June 2023 – The ACA published the Report on the Federal Financial Statements 2022 read more

COVID-19 vaccine procurement: ACA published report on special audit

16 June 2023 – Framework conditions were constantly changing due to the dynamic trajectory of the pandemic read more

The ACA publishes recommendations deducted from its COVID-19 reports

04.04.2023 – The ACA theme paper "COVID-19 | Rechnungshof.Mehr.Wert" presents lessons learned for addressing crisis situations read more

Film Academy Vienna: women underrepresented among master students and university staff

05.05.2023 – Despite good student-teacher ratios, comparatively few students graduate from the Film Academy read more

Educational leave reform needed

28.04.2023 – The ACA recommends to revise the statutory provisions read more

Trust: The ACA Podcast: Outlook

27.01.2023 – ACA President Margit Kraker announces the publication of the report on education directorates read more

Protection against natural hazards: torrents must be monitored on a regular basis

20.01.2023 – The federal government’s responsibility for the protection against natural hazards such as avalanches, mudflows, landslides and rockfall should be clearly regulated read more

The ACA sees “urgent need for action” in preventive healthcare

13.01.2023 – Reformed mother-child health passport should be implemented swiftly read more

The ACA publishes its Annual Report 2022

28.12.2022 – The ACA creates transparency on public processes and wishes to enhance Austria's compliance culture  read more

General Income Report 2022

20.12.2022 – The annual average gross income of all employed persons was at EUR 31,407 in 2021 read more

The ACA audited the COVID-19 measures related to the area of arts and culture

26.08.2022 – A concept for ex-post control should be prepared read more

Arbitration boards for legal housing matters are not available throughout Austria

22.07.2022 – The intricacy of housing-related provisions should be critically questioned read more

Shortfalls in the award and documentation of selected services in the Federal Ministries of Tourism and Health

15.07.2022 – The ACA took a close look at the COVID-19 test programme “Sichere Gastfreundschaft” (“Safe Hospitality”) and at direct awards of advisory services read more

ACA points again to the complexity of tax legislation

08.07.2022 – It is recommended to take measures for simplification read more

The Austrian Federal Financing Agency should adapt its stress tests 

24.06.2022 – In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a sharp increase of financing needs to EUR 57.820 billion read more

Universities must do more for people with disabilities

17.06.2022 – The ACA audited the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna and the Graz University of Technology read more

Publication of the 2019 Statement of Accounts of the Austrian People's Party

10.06.2022 – Notifications to the Independent Political Parties Transparency Panel will be issued  read more

COVID-19 pandemic: challenges of crisis management remain unsolved

03.06.2022 – Cooperation between all key players needs to be ensured read more

Water monitoring: insufficient specifications by the ministry

13.05.2022 – Minimum standards for inspections are recommended read more

Styria: strong need for reform in the social services area

29.04.2022 – The ACA criticizes the fragmented organization between the district authorities and the social welfare associations read more

Cybersecurity: the Federal Government should expand plans, personnel and infrastructure

22.04.2022 – The cyber crisis at the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs was "in essence successfully" addressed read more

COVID-19 aid measures: the ACA publishes the updated data on the federation and the provinces 

08. April 2022 – A considerable variety of aid measures was revealed in the provinces read more

The ACA recommends transparent selection processes for supervisory board members

31.03.2022 – Considerable deficiencies in the ascertainment of personal and professional suitability read more

ASFINAG and ÖBB: shortcomings as regards corruption prevention and contract awards

25.03.2022 – Frequent errors made in the determination of contract value and the choice of tender procedure read more

The ACA points to a lack of strategy at the WasserCluster Lunz GmbH

18.03.2022 – Inadmissible double funding through COVID-19 short-time allowances read more

COVID-19 short-time work: no concept for a targeted detection of misuse

25.02.2022 – No checks had been established for the hours lost indicated by employers  read more

ACA President Margit Kraker on the audit of COVID-19 short-time work in the ACA podcast 

25.02.2022 – Episode 7 of the podcast's second season now online read more

Trust: The ACA Podcast: President Margit Kraker on information and trust 

11.02.2022 – Episode 6 of the podcast's second season now online read more

Development Bank: successes, but room for improvement

04.02.2022 – The developental impact attained by the bank should be more verifiable and measurable read more

Special audit: federal asylum accommodation and care facilities

28.01.2022 – The Federal Ministry of the Interior should develop a strategy for an efficient and forward-looking crisis management read more

"Yellow notice": increased number of complaints about failed delivery attempts at the Post AG

14.01.2022 – The Post AG should pay increased attention to the unjustified issuance of “yellow notices” read more

Annual Report 2021: the pandemic puts the state to the test

28.12.2021 – The ACA published a total of 61 reports in 2021 read more

Income Report 2019 and 2020

21.12.2021 – The ACA published the average income at public companies and federal institutions read more

Health data on the management of the pandemic: lessons for the future

17.12.2021 – The systematic use of data can contribute to the fight against the pandemic read more

Trust: The ACA Podcast: President Margit Kraker on data, facts and the fight against the pandemic

17.12.2021 – Episode 5 of the second season of Trust: The ACA Podcast is available now read more

Medical training: drop-out rate at more than 30 per cent after graduation

10.12.2021 – The ACA carried out a requested audit read more

Vienna Airport – ACA detects weaknesses

26.11.2021 – The Constitutional Court ruled that the Vienna Airport had ceased to be subject to ACA's audits as of 1 June 2017 read more

Austrian Energy Agency

19.11.2021 – The executive body and the management should be monitored by an independent supervisory body read more

Fulfilment of Tasks and Operational Readiness of Engineer Battalion 3

19.11.2021 –  Sappers lack the necessary resources in order fulfil their military tasks read more

Lack of applications for compulsory school management positions in Styria

05.11.2021 – The ACA reveals traceability gaps with regard to the appointment processes read more

Spanish Riding School: too little movement for the stallions

29.10.2021 – The husbandry conditions for the Lipizzaner should be improved read more

Trust: The ACA Podcast: Corona and Audit

27.10.2021 – Margit Kraker and Kay Scheller talk about challenges read more

ACA presents proposal for a more effective legislation on political parties

22.10.2021 – Margit Kraker: "Incentive for more transparency and oversight" read more

Margit Kraker in the ACA's podcast: "Fair competition with fair means"

22.10.2021 – ACA President: "We need effective legislation on political parties" read more

Equity interests of the city of Krems and the municipality of Leonding

08.10.2021 – A monitoring and risk management system for equity interests should be established read more

86 per cent of the recommendations were implemented

01.10.2021 – The ACA presented three follow-up reports read more


24.09.2021 – The province of Lower Austria should evaluate the savings targets read more

The ACA points to IT security gaps in federal ministries

10.09.2021 – The use of private IT equipment during telework entails considerable risks  read more

Audit request: medical care

03.09.2021 – The ACA recommends to develop a strategy for the filling of vacant posts, to devise targeted measures to this end and to apply them based on regional needs read more

Hardship Fund: a calculation model that is both complex and difficult to understand

20.08.2021 – The ACA notes a high degree in technical improvisation as regards the funding design read more

High risk of tax losses on international digital services rendered to consumers

23.07.2021 – The Federal Ministry of Finance should ensure an adequate level of control read more

Podcast: "What shall be done to deliver on the future-related promises to the youth?"

16.07.2021 - President Margit Kraker talks about the ACA's new audit priority read more

Adapting to climate change

16.07.2021 – Undeveloped areas, green spaces and water areas are particularly important read more

Podcast: #tell_us (#zeigenSieauf)

05.07.2021 – President Margit Kraker issues a call for citizen participation read more

#tell_us (#zeigenSieauf) – the ACA issues another call for citizen participation

05.07.2021 – From 5 July to 2 August 2021, citizens can send their audit suggestions to the ACA read more

Podcast: Debts – what are they for?

30.06.2021 – President Margit Kraker informs about the Report on the Federal Financial Statements read more

Report on the Federal Financial Statements 2020

30.06.2021 – Today the ACA published the Report on the Federal Financial Statements for 2020 read more

COVID-19 – Aid measures

25.06.2021 – The ACA publishes a systematic overview of financial aid measures provided at the onset of the pandemic read more

Cybercrime: fighting it requires adequate staff

11.06.2021 – Online hate speech is not recorded as cybercrime read more

Urgent need for action in Austria’s protection forests

04.06.2021 – Only a quarter of the protection forest areas of the Österreichische Bundesforste AG are in a good condition read more

Podcast: A mountain of documents

01.06.2021 - President Margit Kraker talks about the auditors' work read more

Language support in kindergartens

28.05.2021 – Differing concepts and framework conditions read more

The ACA unveils considerable extent of food waste generation

21.05.2021 – 790,790 tons of preventable food waste end up in the garbage bin per year read more

Podcast: President Margit Kraker on the ACA and Parliament

10.05.2021 – The sixth episode of Trust: The ACA Podcast is available now read more

The ACA audited reform projects on financial equalization

07.05.2021 – "Not every activity advanced the project“ read more

Cultural funding in Burgenland, Lower Austria and Vienna

07.05.2021 – The ACA audited funding schemes for performing arts read more

"Transparency for the citizens"

29.04.2021 – Margit Kraker emphasized the importance of independent Supreme Audit Institutions at the SDG 16 Conference of the United Nations read more

Podcast: update on corona-related audits

23.04.2021 - The fifth episode of Trust: The ACA Podcast is available now read more

St. Pölten should use revenue from fees more intensively for the renovation of water pipes

23.04.2021 – The ACA also criticizes the risky derivative transactions of the provincial capital read more

Climate protection is not centrally coordinated in Austria

16.04.2021 –  Compensation payments of up to EUR 9.214 billion are looming read more

Management of research infrastructure

09.04.2021 – Contradictory entries in the research infrastructure database read more

Inter-company apprenticeship

09.04.2021 – The ACA audited the inter-company apprenticeship with a focus on Upper Austria and Vienna read more

The ACA audited the secretaries general

26.03.2021 – Additional staff, risk of duplication of efforts read more

Administrative sponsorship and donations in ministries

26.03.2021 – Compliance processes should be established read more

Margit Kraker: How we decide what to audit

16.03.2021 – The ACA publishes the fourth episode of Trust: The ACA Podcast read more

Transparency database

12.03.2021 – The provinces' notifications differed greatly read more

Preparation for resolution of medium-sized and small banks in the euro area

16.03.2021 – Results of a parallel audit of Supreme Audit Institutions on banking resolution read more

"In times of difficulty, women are ever more important"

08.03.2021 - At an event for the ACA's staff members, ACA President Margit Kraker talked about the International Women's Day, equality and gender roles read more

The ACA presents a comprehensive report on the TIWAG Group

05.03.2021 - Considerable influence by members of government, members of parliament and economic officials read more

Podcast: ACA President Kraker talks about criticism

25.02.2021 - The third episode of Trust: The ACA Podcast is available now read more

No overview of the overall costs in primary care

19.02.2021 – The Federal Ministry of the Interior and the provinces should ascertain the overall costs  read more

Need for swift action against traffic-borne air pollution in Graz

12.02.2021 - Speed limits should be taken into consideration for affected areas read more

Follow-up audits of the ACA

05.02.2021 – More than two-thirds of the recommendations have been implemented read more

The ACA reveals difficulties as regards urban development projects in Bregenz

29.01.2021 - The ACA audited the urban development and urban planning projects of the city of Bregenz read more

The municipality of Seekirchen am Wallersee

29.01.2021 – Bids for properties should be made only after their market value has been determined read more

Vienna and Lower Austria should ensure the availability of the necessary number of intensive care beds for newborns

22.01.2021 - The ACA audited the obstetric care services in Lower Austria and Vienna read more

Housing in Vienna

22.01.2021 – The ACA calls for a new regulation read more

Considerable case file backlogs at the Federal Fiscal Court

15.01.2021 - In end-2018, 30,343 cases had not been closed. read more

Annual Report 2020 of the Austrian Court of Audit

29.12.2020 - We audit, independently and objectively. At your service. read more

General Income Report 2020

18.12.2020 – The annual average gross income of all employed persons was at EUR 29,458 in 2019. read more

Who shall receive money from impermissible donations to political parties?

15.12.2020 – ACA President Margit Kraker calls for suggestions – EUR 25,158.78 will be passed on read more

Admission tests for human medicine and dentistry

11.12.2020 – Universities paid EUR 430,000 with no written contract read more

The ACA points to the major need to renovate drinking and sewage pipes

04.12.2020 - The audit addressed subsidies for urban water management read more

Insurances in agriculture

20.11.2020 – The ACA notes: EU subsidies were not used read more

EU Financial Report 2017 and 2018

13.11.2020 – The report is to increase the transparency of revenue and expenditure read more

Audited entities implemented 90 per cent of the ACA’s recommendations

30.10.2020 - The ACA published three follow-up audits read more

Severe shortcomings and mismanagement at the Museum of Military History

23.10.2020 - Garrison site Zwölfaxing: tank spare parts of unknown origin read more

Parallel audit on reading literacy in Austria and Slovenia

21.10.2020 - Joint press release by the Austrian Court of Audit and the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia read more

Austria's school system remains complex

16.10.2020 – It is not plausible why the Higher School of Technology Spengergasse remains within the central internal management remit of the ministry read more

The ACA audited: Erasmus+ Education and tertiary education

16.10.2020 – The ministry should pursue the establishment of a joint Austrian national agency and a joint evaluation body for programme implementation read more

Follow-up audits by the ACA

02.10.2020 – More than two-thirds of the recommendations were implemented read more

The ACA audited the Lake Neusiedl – Seewinkel National Park

18.09.2020 – The province of Burgenland remained virtually inactive in its capacity as the supervisory authority  read more

E–mobility: the ACA calls for more customer-friendly electric charging

11.09.2020 - The ACA audited the subsidies, the research on e-vehicles and the charging infrastructure read more

The ACA audited the Windpark Pretul GmbH

11.09.2020 - Within 13 years, the Windpark Pretul GmbH generated almost a double rate of interest read more

The ACA audited the Verkehrsauskunft Österreich

28.08.2020 - The ministry should define the future orientation of the Verkehrsauskunft Österreich read more

Accreditation and public funding of private universities

28.08.2020 - The Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria should develop, together with the Federal Ministry of Education, measures and strategies in the framework of financial planning read more

Childcare allowance: merely 4.5 per cent of the days claimed can be attributed to men

21.08.2020 - The ACA audited the benefits pursuant to the Childcare Allowance Act read more

Corruption prevention systems in the cities of Graz, Innsbruck and Salzburg

21.08.2020 -  The audit concerned, among others, the anti-corruption culture and corruption prevention programmes read more

Waste water disposal in Lower Austria: private households face a disproportionate burden

24.07.2020 - The ACA criticizes deficiencies in the monitoring of waste water read more

The ACA audited the Gemeindeinformatik GmbH

17.07.2020 - The financial damage accounts for EUR 3.10 million  read more

The ACA audited the services regarding the search for business locations in Lower Austria and Styria

17.07.2020 - The Styrian Business Promotion Agency should expand its real estate portfolio read more

The ACA audits the fight against energy poverty

10.07.2020 - The Federal Ministry for Climate Action should evaluate the measures read more

The ACA presented its report on the centralized school-leaving examination

03.07.2020 - The ministry should identify the reasons for the strong fluctuations in the mathematics-related results read more

Report on the Federal Financial Statements 2019

28.06.2019 - Today the ACA published the Report on the Federal Financial Statements for 2019 read more

Federal budget reserves

26.06.2020 - The ACA audited the reserves system from November 2018 to March 2019 read more

The ACA reveals room for optimization as regards plans for bank resolution

29.05.2020 -  The FMA Resolution Authority should define the resolution strategies and instruments in concrete terms read more

Targeted contribution to housing subsidies from 2015 to 2018

29.05.2020 - The ACA audited the targeted contribution to housing subsidies in Styria and Vorarlberg read more

The ACA creates an impact: three-quarters of its recommendations were implemented

22.05.2020 - Publication of the follow-up reports "Railway Project: Brenner Base Tunnel" and "WIEN ENERGIE GmbH" read more

Forest training centre: rental costs of more than 20,000 per month for unused land

15.05.2020 – The ACA presents its report on the "Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape" read more

The modernization of the U4 underground line will increase reliability for passengers only to a limited extent

08.05.2020 - The ACA presents its report on the modernization of the U4 underground line read more

ACA presents: subsidies for green electricity exemplified by wind power and photovoltaics

24.04.2020 - Feed-in tariffs should be more consistently pegged to cost-efficient plants and the most efficient sites read more

ACA audited the consolidation of locations regarding the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF)

17.04.2020 - The ORF should have assessed a completely new construction more seriously read more

ACA president informs about future priorities

10.04.2020 - ACA President Margit Kraker: "Whatever the costs, all measures conducive to recovering from the crisis are appropriate. That is what the state is there for." read more

For the first time the ACA provides an overall view of federal companies

06.03.2020 - Federal Companies, Geological Survey of Austria and Salzburg AG - ACA presents three new reports read more

ACA presents report on the federal digital strategy

28.02.2020 - Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs should assume the responsibility for the implementation of the digital strategy  read more

Increase the use of electronic tags

21.02.2020 - Today, the ACA published two reports on quality labels for food products and the execution of sentences and measures read more

Reforming old-age care in Austria: ACA notes difficulties in quality and funding

14.2.2020 - The Austrian Court of Audit (ACA) provides a comprehensive, nationwide analysis of the topic of care  read more

Tax shortfalls of more than EUR 400 million due to reliefs from mineral oil tax

14.02.2020 - Federal Ministry of Finance should evaluate reliefs from mineral oil tax read more

ACA sees considerable room for improvement with regard to the promotion of reading skills in schools

31.01.2020 - As regards the promotion of reading skills in Austria, many players are involved, school lessons were reduced read more

ACA presents two reports on drones

24.1.2020 - No effective means of defence against drones at airports, expensive drone flights at the Austrian Armed Forces read more

For years, the Stadtwerke Klagenfurt granted an attorney the exclusive right to the collection of outstanding receivables

17.01.2020 - The audit of the Stadtwerke Klagenfurt is based on a citizen's suggestion read more

ACA publishes Annual Report 2019  

20.12.2019 - Strong public audit is indispensable for democracy  read more

Income Report 2017 and 2018

Publication of the average income in companies and federal institutions read more

What must be done now: five points to ensure that genuine control is exercised over the funding of political parties and election campaign expenses

23.05.2019 - The President of the Austrian Court of Audit demands that the obvious control gaps regarding political party funding and election campaign expenses be closed. read more

ACA presents four reports

29.11.2019 - Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum: improvements with regard to training are needed read more

Purchase of province-guaranteed bonds by the Carinthian Compensation Payment Fund

28.11.2019 - Publication of the joint audit by the Austrian Court of Audit and the Court of Audit of Carinthia  read more

Municipality of Traiskirchen, publication of the follow-up report

22.11.2019 - Of 10 recommendations, all were implemented fully. read more

Lobby register: more informational value and transparency for citizens

15.11.2019 - The Austrian Court of Audit (ACA) presents reports on the lobby register and the financial flows between provinces and municipalities read more

Austrian Court of Audit points to a possible jeopardization of the safety of patients due to bottlenecks in the availability of medicines

08.11.2019 - The Austrian Court of Audit (ACA) carried out an audit of the procurement of medicines in selected hospitals in Salzburg and Tyrol read more

Austrian Court of Audit sees considerable room for improvement in diabetes prevention and care

18.10.2019 - Another audit was carried out on AustriaTech mobility technologies and innovations read more

Supreme Audit Institutions worldwide: the Moscow Declaration was adopted

27.09.2019 -  "Supreme Audit Institutions need to respond to a changing world of governance and, in doing so, respond to emerging national and global challenges," states the Moscow Declaration. read more
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