Austrian Court of Audit sees considerable room for improvement in diabetes prevention and care

18.10.2019 - Another audit was carried out on AustriaTech mobility technologies and innovations read more

Publication of two new reports

04.10.19 - Access to commercial and industrial professions and Smart Minerals GmbH read more

What must be done now: five points to ensure that genuine control is exercised over the funding of political parties and election campaign expenses

23.05.2019 - The President of the Austrian Court of Audit demands that the obvious control gaps regarding political party funding and election campaign expenses be closed. read more

Supreme Audit Institutions worldwide: the Moscow Declaration was adopted

27.09.2019 -  "Supreme Audit Institutions need to respond to a changing world of governance and, in doing so, respond to emerging national and global challenges," states the Moscow Declaration. read more

Blocked escape routes, defect fire doors

13.09.2019 - Fire safety in the Vienna Hofburg Palace still has shortcomings read more

Taxes: obstructed international exchange of information 

23.08.2019 -  Taxes, European Social Fund, Municipal Association "Gemeindeverband Seniorenheim Altenmarkt": ACA publishes three reports read more

Austrian Court of Audit (ACA) criticizes lack of transparency and control shortcomings in the funding of party academies

The ACA found indications for the unlawful use of funds at the party academies of the Freedom Party (FPÖ), the Greens, Team Stronach and the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ) – the Federal Chancellery has to initiate legal proceedings and demand the repayment of funds read more

Traffic fines

The Austrian Court of Audit’s (ACA) newest report concerns traffic fines. The auditors found that a central, nationwide administrative penalties register was lacking. read more

#tell_us - Austrian Court of Audit invites citizens to participate once more

1.7.2019 - Until 28 July 2019, citizens can send their audit suggestions to the Austrian Court of Audit (ACA). read more

Report on the Federal Financial Statements 2018

28.06.2019 - Today the Austrian Court of Audit published the Report on the Federal Financial Statements for 2018. read more

Publication of three new reports

14.6.2019 - Verein Wiener Kinder- und Jugendbetreuung (Vienna Child and Youth Care Association), construction of the S10 Mühlviertel Motorway, the system of competition authorities outside the financial market read more

Publication of four follow-up audits

07.06.2019 - Land use at the New Danube, the Danube Island and the Danube Canal; Media Quarter Marx; execution of custody pending deportation with a special focus on the detention centre Vordernberg; financial management instruments for health insurance institutions read more

Follow-up audits: more than 80 per cent of the recommendations were implemented

26.04.2019 - Today the Austrian Court of Audit (ACA) published four follow-up reports. Overall, more than 80% of the recommendations were implemented fully or partly. read more

Only 40% of waterways are in a good ecological state – rehabilitation experiences delays  

03.05.2019 - The Austrian Court of Audit submits report on the greening of waterways read more

The Linz files scandal: neither the mayor nor top officials responded to warnings

29.03.2019 - The city administration failed to follow up on administrative offences and to impose fines as stipulated by law. read more
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