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Government work and political party work must be clearly separated on social media

19 April 2024 - Media ownership of the accounts not clearly recognizable in some cases read more

Skills shortage requires concerted approach

12 April 2024 – A coherent strategy is lacking read more

ACA sees potential for simplification in Red-White-Red Card

05 April 2024 – Types of cards are difficult to distinguish read more

Federal Ministry of Agriculture: Research project costs should be calculated in a comprehensible manner

28 March 2024 – Ministry of Agriculture mostly invoiced projects on a flat-rate basis read more

"Obdach Wien" should create new offers for homeless persons

08 March 2024 – No legal basis for institutional control read more

Many unsolved challenges at the Federal Safety Investigation Authority

23 February 2024 – Court of Audit classifies technically sound training as essential read more

Austrian Court of Audit (ACA) criticizes incomprehensible decisions regarding media work of ministries

09 February 2024 – Placement plans also changed in favor of partisan media read more

ACA identifies problems in financial market supervision by FMA and OeNB

26 January 2024 – Joint supervision of the FMA and the OeNB audited on the basis of five credit institutions read more

INTOSAI Secretary General and Austrian Court of Audit President Margit Kraker advocates for the independence of Supreme Audit Institutions across the globe

17 November 2023 – INTOSAI’s 70-year anniversary in the National Council Chamber of Parliament on Monday read more

The ACA calls for measures with a sustainable impact in the area of violence and victim protection for women

25 August 2023 – Establishing Clinical Forensic Medical Examination Centres recommended read more

Report on the Federal Financial Statements 2022: sharp increase in financial debts

29 June 2023 – The ACA published the Report on the Federal Financial Statements 2022 read more

COVID-19 vaccine procurement: ACA published report on special audit

16 June 2023 – Framework conditions were constantly changing due to the dynamic trajectory of the pandemic read more

The ACA publishes recommendations deducted from its COVID-19 reports

04 April 2023 – The ACA theme paper "COVID-19 | Rechnungshof.Mehr.Wert" presents lessons learned for addressing crisis situations read more

Film Academy Vienna: women underrepresented among master students and university staff

05 May 2023 – Despite good student-teacher ratios, comparatively few students graduate from the Film Academy read more

Educational leave reform needed

28 April 2023 – The ACA recommends to revise the statutory provisions read more

Trust: The ACA Podcast: Outlook

27 January 2023 – ACA President Margit Kraker announces the publication of the report on education directorates read more

Protection against natural hazards: torrents must be monitored on a regular basis

20 January 2023 – The federal government’s responsibility for the protection against natural hazards such as avalanches, mudflows, landslides and rockfall should be clearly regulated read more

The ACA sees “urgent need for action” in preventive healthcare

13 January 2023 – Reformed mother-child health passport should be implemented swiftly read more

COVID-19 pandemic: challenges of crisis management remain unsolved

03.06.2022 – Cooperation between all key players needs to be ensured read more

COVID-19 aid measures: the ACA publishes the updated data on the federation and the provinces 

08. April 2022 – A considerable variety of aid measures was revealed in the provinces read more
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