General Income Report 2022

20.12.2022 – The annual average gross income of all employed persons was at EUR 31,407 in 2021

The "General Income Report 2022" – the twelfth of its kind – provides a comprehensive overview of the incomes of the Austrian population for the reporting years 2020 and 2021. In accordance with its legal remit, the Austrian Court of Audit shall (pursuant to Article 1 Section 8 of the Act on the Limitation of Emoluments (Bezügebegrenzungsgesetz)) present this report to the National Council, the Provincial Council and the provincial governments every other year. The report depicts the average income, broken down by women and men, and – in compliance with the legal remit – broken down by industries, professional groups and functions.

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General Income Report 2022 (in German)

General Income Report 2022 (in German) Download
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Allgemeiner Einkommensbericht im Überblick

Allgemeiner Einkommensbericht im Überblick Download

Den "Statistischen Annex zum Allgemeinen Einkommensbericht 2022" finden Sie auf der Website der Statistik Austria.

In der interaktiven Grafik bietet der Rechnungshof eine Übersicht über die Einkommen der Bevölkerung: