ACA President Margit Kraker talks about COVID-19-related audits and donations to political parties in the ACA's podcast

02.02.2021 - The ACA now also has a podcast

Trust - Der Podcast aus dem Rechnungshof - Copyright: Klaus Vyhnalek

Margit Kraker, President of the Austrian Court of Audit (ACA), now provides information on the ACA’s work also in a podcast. In the first episode, the ACA president talks about the audits performed with regard to the COVID-19 crisis.

The ACA has started such audits already in the past year. They will be complemented by new audits this year. “We are creating transparency in this regard. We will unveil the weaknesses,” says Kraker. The ACA knows, of course, that such a crisis creates several different framework conditions. They all pose their very own challenges. Nevertheless, “lessons will have to be drawn in the wake of the crisis”. “Every day we encounter weak points. We are wondering whether all of this is plausible – the way the authorities cooperate, whether all act in concert.”

In the podcast, ACA President Margit Kraker outlines that the ACA has started or will start audits, among others, on the following topics: the hardship fund, the structure of the aid measures during the COVID-19 crisis, the interaction between the authorities, the provisions concerning short-time work (“they are important. But misuse must be prevented”), the support services provided via the COFAG (COVID-19 federal funding agency) as well as on procurement matters.

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Donations to Political Parties

The second episode of Trust: The ACA Podcast is available now

In this episode, ACA President Margit Kraker talks about the forwarding of impermissible donations to political parties.