How to use the search function


With this integrated search function, we would like to help you to find the publications of the Austrian Court of Audit quickly and effectively. For that purpose, you can make use of the following options: 

  • Simple search: Enter one or several keywords in the search window and confirm your request by pressing the enter key. You can use the dropdown list on the upper right side to determine whether the search results are displayed in list or tile view.
  • Extended search: The extended search function gives you the opportunity to filter our products by report types, themes, federation, provinces, municipalities and the year of publication. Additionally, you can refine your search query by entering your own keywords. 
  • For example: you would like to see all reports published by the Austrian Court of Audit in 2017 and 2018 on the topic of education with regard to the federation. In order to do so, please tick the following boxes: “Reports”, topic “Education, Science and Research”, year “2018” and “2017”. The reports are displayed in the list of search results and are available for download.

Please do not forget to delete previous keywords if you want to start a new search or click on “Remove all filters”.

Should you download an older report that is not barrier-free, please contact us. We are happy to provide you with a barrier-free version.

The reports that are available online date back to 2012. Upon request we can provide you with older reports as well.