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ACA publishes reports: Political Parties Act in Upper Austria and Salzburg, Bundespensionskasse AG and Wipark GmbH

02.02.2018 - On 2 February 2018, the ACA presented the report on the Bundespensionskasse AG to the National Council. The audit subject comprised the tasks and goals, the business plan, the investment strategies and the asset management, as well as identifiable gender aspects.

In the provinces of Upper Austria and Salzburg the ACA published the report on the reporting obligations pursuant to the Policial Parties Act. The audit aimed at assessing whether the reports submitted to the ACA on the transactions with equity interest companies by the province of Upper Austria in 2013 and 2014 complete and correct. In addition to that, the ACA also examined possible weaknesses regarding the modus operandi and the fulfilment of the reporting obligation.

The report on the Wipark GmbH was presented to the City of Vienna. The goal of this audit was to assess the company’s objectives, the economic situation and development, the scope of investments, the management contracts and compliance provisions, the internal control system and the measures undertaken to determine and increase customer satisfaction.