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Curriculum Vitae

9 November 1960 born in Zeltweg (Styria), Austria
Family status: married, mother of 2 sons
1971-1979 Compulsory school, academic secondary school, A-levels
1979-1983 Law studies at the University of Graz (Styria) and graduation with PhD degree
1983-1985 University assistant at the Institute of Public Law, Political Science
1985-1996 Legal expert at the Austrian Parliament and the Provincial Parliament of Styria (expert in legislation, Rules of Procedure and parliamentary control)
1987-2013 Different management functions in provincial administration, such as head of the Styrian Provincial Governor’s Office, vice director of the Styrian Provincial Government’s Office, member of the Styrian Provincial Government’s Constitutional Service, member of the Steering Group on Administrative Reform
2003-2013 Supervisory board member of the Styrian Tourism Association, secretary in the supervisory board of the Styrian Hospital Corporation
2013-2016 Director of the Court of Audit of the Province of Styria
since 2014 Member of the Management Committee of the European Organisation of Regional External Public Finance Audit Institutions (EURORAI)
1 July 2016 President of the Austrian Court of Audit and Secretary General of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI)

Speeches by the President

Speeches by the President of the ACA during debates at the National Council.

Speeches by the Secretary General of INTOSAI.

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Speeches by the President of the ACA