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Media Transparency Act

To increase transparency with regard to advertisement and media cooperation by the public sector, the Media Transparency Act obliges all ministries, provinces, larger municipalities, municipal associations, legal interest groups, social insurance agencies, and companies, foundations and funds subject to audit by the ACA, to disclose all advertisement orders and funds that newspapers and other periodicals, as well as radio or TV channels receive by them. A quarterly report that comprises the total amount of the funds given to the respective media owner must be transmitted to the Austrian communications regulator KommAustria. Official notifications, public tendering, and job offers are expressly excluded. The data shall be published by KommAustria, which may grant a period of grace to defaulting bodies, if necessary. In case of a violation or a false report, administrative fines up to 20,000 € or, if repeated, up to 60,000 € may be imposed. The ACA is also responsible for auditing the correct disclosure of advertisement orders and media funding.

The ACA itself does not use any funds for advertisement or other publications in periodical electronic as well as printed media, neither does it financially support owners of periodical media.