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Political Parties Act 2012 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Political Parties Act was adopted in the framework of the “transparency package” in 2012. To grant more transparency, the political parties are facing new disclosure requirements. Numerous additional tasks were assigned to the Austrian Court of Audit, especially in the realm of the new accountability obligations.

To facilitate the implementation, the ACA has compiled frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the new Political Parties Act 2012. The questions exclusively relate to topics concerning the Austrian Court of Audit and are constantly being expanded.

FAQs – overview of the topics

  1. Scope of application and terminology of the Political Parties Act 2012
  2. Accountability reports according to the Political Parties Act 2012
  3. Accountants for the accountability reports
  4. Donations
  5. Sponsoring and advertisements
  6. After submission of the accountability report – audit, publication, violations
  7. Disclosure of legal transactions with associated companies
  8. I have another question. How do I contact the ACA to obtain information on the Political Parties Act?



Note: The FAQs inform on the tasks of the ACA concerning the Political Parties Act 2012. Legally binding decisions on the interpretation of the Act for individual cases can only be made by the competent courts and authorities.

last updated on 19 March 2015