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Tasks according to the Incompatibility Act

Pursuant to the Incompatibility Act, the members of the federal government (including state secretaries) and the provincial governments (the mayor and the members of the city senate in the case of Vienna) must disclose their assets when taking office, then every second year and when leaving office to the president of the Austrian Court of Audit. In case of an extraordinary increase in wealth, the president of the ACA must inform the president of the National Council or the respective provincial diet.

Additionally, the members of the National or Federal Council must report taking up a leading position in stock companies or limited liability companies of certain sectors (construction, trade, industry and transport).

To prepare the handling of this matter in the Incompatibility Committee, the president of the National Council shall be informed by the ACA which of the reported companies are subject to its audit. Furthermore, she asks the ACA to determine whether one of the reported participations in a company of the members of the federal government is above 25% and whether those companies are subject to audit by the ACA. To answer those questions, the ACA analyses the data of the concerned companies.