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Professional MBA Programme Public Auditing

The ACA's employees are its most valuable asset. Their skills and commitment form the basis for the excellent achievements of the ACA. Therefore, the ACA attaches great importance both to the selection and the continuous further training of its employees.

In cooperation with the Executive Academy of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the ACA has set up a professional university level course of qualification, the "Master of Business Administration (MBA)" Programme Public Auditing for public auditors. This basic training on the highest level aims to convey the professional skills and experience relevant for auditors both on a theoretical and practical level. The agenda features basic knowledge on general management as well as specialist areas of finance, accounting, economy and public law. Auditing processes, methods and standards are conveyed in a practical way. The MBA course at the ACA is also open to participants of other audit institutions. Up to now, alongside about 65 ACA employees,  30 employees of other organisations have taken part in the programme (such as members of provincial audit institutions, internal auditors in ministries, the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Federal Accounting Agency, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, the Parliamentary Administration and the ASFINAG).

The "Public Auditor" training takes four terms, which comprise 13 teaching blocks of four to five days each, or 30 learning modules. At the end of the course, participants write a master's thesis.

Centre of excellence for auditing
In order to improve the quality of internal audit systems and to promote the independent external audit of EU resources, especially in relation to improving cost-efficiency and effectiveness in the use of community funds over the long-term, there is a need for a valuable, EU-wide standard technical training course for auditors. The aim of the training is to 

  • teach auditing approaches, standards, methods and benchmarks in a standardised way
  • to cultivate knowledge transfer, exchange of experience and the link between theory and practice,
  • to establish a field of research for "public auditing",
  • on the basis of a valuable, uniform qualification and further training, to ensure coordinated audits in the area of budgetary and economic management,
  • to create positive effects for budgetary management and audit systems and therefore to strengthen the link between internal auditing and external public auditing as done by the audit institutions of the EU member states and of the European Court of Auditors (ECA).

At their annual meeting in December 2006, the supreme audit institutions of all 27 member states of the EU signed a resolution initiated by the ACA to set up a centre of excellence for auditing. This centre shall be dedicated to comprehensive knowledge transfer, high-value, EU-wide standard training, teaching of international auditing and accounting standards and the combination of theoretical knowledge and auditing practice. The "Professional MBA Public Auditing" provides a solid basis for a centre of excellence for auditing in Vienna.