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Basic Principle of Unity of Auditing

As a federal, provincial and municipal institution, the ACA is responsible for auditing the public sector on all levels (basic principle of unity of auditing). It acts as a body of both the National Council and the provincial diets (and Vienna's municipal council).

The development of the federal constitution, of the state budget responsibility and of the system of financing state activities on all government levels only emphasise the importance of the basic principle of unity of auditing that has been introduced in 1929. Its continued development has gone hand in hand with a strengthening of the state budget responsibility - in the context of European integration - and with an increase of financial relations between all government levels and a resulting interdependence of financial flows. Financial interconnectedness and interdependence between all government levels have also increased since 1929, especially in the area of budget responsibility.

The obligation for general budgetary discipline as a precondition for EU membership, the overall economic balance aimed at by the federal constitution and the stability pacts require uniform public auditing. As a result of its particular role as a federal, provincial and municipal institution, the ACA is in the unique position to adopt a networked approach and, within the framework of themed audit focuses, to offer horizontal, (i.e. a comparison between two or more provinces), or vertical comparisons. With the findings, the ACA is able to create benchmarks and give recommendations for all three government levels. In order to fulfil this constitutional function as comprehensively as possible, it has developed appropriate strategies that are constantly being implemented and evaluated.

The overall economic perspective and especially the interconnectedness of financial flows in almost all areas of public financing make the basic principle of unity of auditing necessary. Therefore, existing gaps in auditing should be closed.