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In addition to our core activities auditing and consulting, we further provide nationally important services and a series of special tasks. The services provided by the ACA are as follows:

  • investigation and evaluation of issues,
  • highlighting and quantifying potential improvements,
  • establishing and quantifying financial issues and
  • issuing concrete and implementable recommendations.

In the foreground of our auditing activity are the benefits that we can bring to the parties we audit which include potential income and savings, increases in efficiency potential, avoidable negative effects, and advantages that can be realised.

Through our mandate, the Court of Audit works especially to support democratic control of the National Council, the laender parliaments and the municipalities, by providing the bases for decision-making and different ways of acting, as well as sound facts and recommendations.

As the reports of the ACA to the National Council and the laender parliaments are made public, the citizens of Austria benefit directly from our activity as we bring them a level of transparency on the use of public resources.

In all activities, the ACA endeavours to work in harmony with our strategic aims for innovation and reform. We act as a partner in an auditing network and give advice on the basis of our audits and international experience, which we also gain in our role as General Secretariat of the INTOSAI. In that way, we contribute in a sustainable way to the quality of public auditing.

The services provided by the ACA can be seen in items such as the reports we produce on a federal, laender and municipal level, the federal financial statements, the income reports, the position papers, general recommendations and core statements as well as annual reports.