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As an overriding objective, the ACA strives for the best possible use of public resources, i.e. a reduction of costs and an increase in utility when using public resources. Therefore the ACA audits whether public resources are being utilised economically, efficiently and effectively and with sustainable development in mind. In this way we filfil what has been outlined in the Federal Constitutional Law as our mandate. In order to optimise income and expenditure, the ACA also strives for efficient and effective use of resources both in Austria and the EU.

In order to deal with the current challenges in the areas of health, social welfare, pensions and education, it is necessary that all data is made freely available so that the problems can be seen and solutions can be worked on. This is also the case for our core areas (auditing and consulting services) which are carried out by the ACA in our role as a federal, laender and municipal body.

The ACA endeavours to ensure the necessary transparency and is a partner to help formulate solutions.

By making convincing recommendations and pointing out improvements, the ACA can contribute towards an increase in efficiency and effectiveness in the public arena and therefore bring in added value for society as a whole.