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The services and impact of the ACA greatly contribute to underpinning trust in democracy and its institutions. With our audits, audit conclusions and reports to general representative bodies, to auditees and to the public, the ACA achieves transparency on the use of public resources.

Through auditing and the transparency we achieve, the ACA achieves not only an increase in trust in our auditing skills, but we also investigate complex issues in an expert fashion so that people can assess their trust in state institutions.

The ACA does not just focus on the past and the present. Our focus on the future, and result and effectiveness-driven recommendations pave the way for reform and innovation. Solutions which have been presented encourage reform.

As independent supreme audit institution for all levels of government, the ACA significantly contributes to public funds being utilised in a purposeful and economic way.

The auditing activity achieves various benefits:

  • The attention of the organisations being audited is brought to possible income and savings, on quantitative and qualitative improvements, as well as on avoidable issues and implementable advantages. The benefits achieved by implementing recommendations are focused above all on an increase in the effectiveness and efficiency in how we fulfil our mandate.
  • Thanks to well prepared facts and convincing recommendations, the general representative bodies receive a valuable basis for decision-making and different approaches to help them achieve optimal utilisation of public resources.
  • The public receives transparent information on the application and use of public resources.
  • Through our expertise and knowledge exchange and, above all, as a result of our core activities of auditing and consulting services and by demonstrating problem-solving approaches, the ACA often initiates discussion and reform processes and therefore paves the way for innovation.