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Auditing criteria

The ACA's auditing criteria are the legal principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness, on the basis of regularity and legality (Article 126b paragraph 5 B-VG). We audit whether the finances of state auditees fulfil these principles and work on recommendations as to how the auditees can fulfil their goals and tasks in an economic, efficient and effective way.

The starting point is mathematical correctness of finances. Auditing in accordance with existing regulations complies with the principle of legality (Article 18 paragraph 1 B-VG), which establishes that administration in Austria can only be practiced according to the law. The criteria of economy refers to minimising expenditure and that of efficiency to the best possible relationship between expenditure and income. The principle of effectiveness refers to the optimisation of tasks to be carried out. These criteria represent a unit and refer to a target-resource relationship so that the ACA must implement comprehensive efficiency control of administrative operations: the available resources should be utilised in such a way that, measured in terms of the goals to be reached, the highest degree of benefit will be achieved.

Due to budgetary reform, the new principles of budget management - impact orientation, efficiency, transparency and "true and fair view"- will take a central role in the future as criteria for ACA audits.